Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Round Pouch Purses

Another creation thanks to the wonderful tutorials on Dog Under My Desk. Isn't that a wonderful blog name? I made this sweet round little pouch purse. It is really easy to use and provided an opportunity to use some yellow zips that I had given to me a while ago. They are a great way to use up fairly small offcuts of fabric too. They are super quick and easy to make and make a very handy little purse that can be attached to things like your handbag, dog harness or even dog lead. Is the perfect size to carry a few whoopsie bags on a dog walk.
You can find the tutorial here on Erin's blog. Erin writes the most amazing tutorials, they are very clear and easy to follow thanks to clear text and wonderful photos. As I've mentioned before, actually much better than some patterns that I have paid good money for.. Anyhow, enjoy, I know I did.

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