Thursday, February 18, 2010

Psst... I'm Not Really Making Pasta.

I'm really excited tonight because, after a lot of procrastination, I have finally bough a pasta machine for making some polymer clay goodies. I have been snooping around, dreaming of finding a great machine at the 'dump shop' or charity store, but as you can imagine, they don't come up terribly often. So, in a spot of impulse shopping I snapped one up this evening at my local House store. I love that store, if I worked in there I would never leave!
The lady who works there was very excited to be selling me a pasta machine, because as it turns out, she is a mad keen pasta maker herself. I tried telling her that I really didn't need all the extra things she was trying to sell me as I have no intention of making any food with this baby. No, she was so absorbed in her pasta party stories that she could not hear a word I was saying so I ended up indulging her and enquiring about the best source of 000 flour. Oh well, at least she loves her job.
I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some polymer clay projects, I am going to have to look up some bookmarked tutorials now. Although, I must say, the friendly saleslady may have inspired me and I may have to roll out a batch of edible stuff before I begin crafting.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where is My Time Going?

Sometimes I wonder what I do with my time, it just slips through my fingers. I seem to have so much to do and so little time, or indeed motivaion, to do it all.. I think I spend way too much time on the computer and lying on the couch.

Anyhow, I have been up to a bit. Some ATC's, a little sewing and doing a very small amount of gardening. Just before Christmas I planted a hibiscus, Lady Liberty, in my new front garden. Today I noticed that she was bearing her first flower. It is rather lovely, but not as bright as most of my other flowers. I love flowers that pack a punch.

On the work front, I have applied to take some Long Service Leave in term 2 - just one day a week though. That would be lovely, working just 4 days per week. I am fairly confident that this will come off, but I will have to wait for the okay. I also applied for some leave later in the year for the proposed Girls Big Tour of USA. I need to talk to my gal-pals about this one though. I figure, it is best to have the leave application in as I can always cancel or change it at a later date.

This week I am going to try to finish off some sewing and of course post out about three sets of ATC's. Wish me well!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've Got One Word to Say to You...

I have been slack lately and not updating my blog as I should... I have however been rather busy with getting back to work and all that is involved with that. On the creative front though, I have been doing some ATC's and plenty of sewing. I am really into sewing at the moment actually. I practically have a summer cotton top production line going in my fun room.

I have been taking some photos and mucking around with Photoshop, trying to recreate some of those old, vintage looks that I love so much on other people's blogs. Also, I have been reading quite a lot on various photo sites, which is what has brought me to today's photo. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I took this photo at last year's Ekka and have used it to enter this week's Digital Photography School Weekend Challenge. I love the colour and simplicity of this phots and of course it brings back so many childhood memories.