Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back on the Horse

Another year, another attempt to keep to stay a bit more up-to-date with my neglected blog. I have lately been thinking about the convenience of keeping my blog updated, so I'll have a go. I seem to have so much to write about, it is all a bit overwhelming. So just for today, I'll write about my latest fabric buying spree. Why not, it is as good a place to start as anywhere.
I am going through a bit of a craft rejuvenation at the moment. Firstly I made my friend, 'T' a lovely bento bag exactly the same as I made for myself a while back. I love that bag and get a lot of use out of it and thought it would be right up here ally too. I was right and she loved it.
Then a friend sent me a picture of a really nice wooden handles bag that the made from twill - white background with retro green apples. So, so nice.. Of course that was on my mind when I went to Spotlight last weekend. I was really pleased that my visit to Spotlight coincided with their 30% off fabric sale! I like to use furnishing fabric to make bags, and you know how much I like bags. I had a great time searching all the great fabrics and eventually settled on a retro green print with matching plain green for lining and the rim to make a bento bag; a crisp hot pink and white print to make a shopping bag and a natural print of brown, bone and metallic silver that I plan to make a handbag with wooden handles. After I thought I had finished all my fabric shopping, I was excited to find the elusive green apple fabric, so I will soon have my own green apple bag! Cool..
I have already made the retro green bento bag and it is on its way to my friend who made the green apple handbag. I think she would enjoy using the little bento bag to put her lunch in.
I have been planning the wooden handled bag from the neutral fabric, will work on that again tomorrow.
Since I was too slack to do a Christmas update, I'll take this opportunity to share a photo of the wold's cutest dog waiting for Santa. Enjoy.
Okay, so until next next time, take care and keep on crafting. I plan a new update soon and I'll share some other interests I have picked up since my last post. You may be surprised about my latest addictions - iPhone Apps are only one of those addictions..

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