Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charlie's New Doggie Harness

I love the Internet. There are so many lovely people and wonderful resources who share their knowledge, experience and creativity freely. When I need some inspiration or a a method to do something, I often begin with a search of the web. Just recently I discovered a great new blog: Dog Under My Desk by Erin Erickson. We have common loves of dogs and sewing. She has some awesome patterns and free tutorials on her site. Not just dog stuff, but all really, really well made and simple to follow. Even the instructions on her free tutorials are superior to some commercial patterns that I have bought. If you're wondering, no I don't even know Erin, but she rocks! Anyhow, as soon as I saw her wonderful dog harness tutorial I knew that Charlie absolutely needed one. I could not sleep that night until I had finished this project. In the morning it was into the tub for my girl as she had modelling work to do, she is a great model, but not really looking her best in this shot.
Isn't the fabric cool? I need to thank Jennifer Jangles for that! If you are my regular reader, you will remember that I won a swag of beautiful fabrics from Jennifer, it was wonderful but I just couldn't use it. It was too beautiful. It just sat in the cupboard, all ribboned up and brought out to be admired by friends only. Anyhow, as soon as I went through my fabric stash to decide on a fabric nice enough for a harness for Charlie I knew this was a project that I had been waiting for, it is absolutely beautiful! I took the finished harness in to the local haberdashery, where I bought the 'D clip' and the owner admired my handiwork and proclaimed that it looked wonderfully professional.
So, thanks from Charlie and me to Erin and Jennifer. You are both talented, inspiring and generous. I hope the love comes back to you both
I have no idea why this post looks so bad with no spacing, but I cannot fix it! Ugh, sorry it is so hard to read.


  1. Great harness! I am off to see Erin's blog now...


  2. What a cutie!! I love it! And I love the name of your blog :)