Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home From the Holidays

Usually the Easter break seems to be far too short, but this year the week and a bit break has left me rejuvenated and relaxed. I split the time between being at home and going away to the beach. I have also had house guests which has kept me busy.

The weather was nice, although I can say that as I was tucked up in a warm, dry bed at night. I don't think the soggy, wind blasted campers at the beach would have agreed! I took the opportunity to take Charlie on some beach walks to her very favourite spot and she even enjoyed dining out on some tiger prawns at sunset. I wonder if this dog is spoilt?
I really like this photo taken at Inspip Point, that is one of the barges finishing for the afternoon, going off to tie up for the evening. As you can see the sun is setting through the clouds. It always amazes me how quickly the sun disappears below the horizon in those last moments of the afternoon. Especially when you're moving quickly to set up a shot before it disappears altogether. Anyhow, I think this shot pretty much captures the essence of the occasion.

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