Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cupcake Obsession

With the Easter holidays coming up, I have just managed to squeeze in a quick baking session in time to make some cupcakes for the staffroom at work tomorrow. I love baking and find cupcakes and slices are great to take to work. Everybody seems to love any little morsel as they can quickly pick up a treat on their way. Tonight's effort was inspired by the 'Cloud Cakes' in the Women's Weekly "Cupcakes" cookbook.

I was originally going to use butter icing, until I discovered I was almost out of icing sugar. Me, being the resourceful, not lazy, type found a way around this. The answer was to use marshmallow frosting. It looks so delicate and pretty, and of course tastes absolutely beautiul. We all know the only reason to eat cupcakes is for the icing.
I am so looking forward to the upcoming Easter break. Rain is predicted, which is unfortunate but I plan to take advantage of the weather and continue on with my baby knitting. So far I have finished the cardigan back and fully completed the bonnet. I did begin one little bootie but decided to start again. Can't wait to share the photos soon.
Take care and happy Easter!

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