Saturday, March 6, 2010

Suddenly It Is Knitting Weather

All of a sudden the weather has changed from hot and steamy to cold, wet and miserable. Everything is wet, the roads are flooding and I'm in the mood for knitting. Since taking up knitting only last year, I have gained heaps of confidence and had a lot of fun, especially knitting small things like scarves, dog coats and small toys. Of course the birth of a couple of babies over the summer period provided me with some great excuses to do some baby knitting, so when I saw this vintage knitting pattern book at Lifeline, and was lucky enough to find some matching needles the decision was made to start knitting baby things. Perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious, but I hope to make a little set - cardigan, booties and hat for two babies. My mum had a great idea of making three booties for each set. She said booties tend to get lost, so that would likely be appreciated. I think that was a totally awesome piece of advice that I hope to take up.

I think I'm about half way up the bottom of the back, including the little waistband. It is very sweet and I have made only one small mistake, so I am pretty pleased about that.

In other craft projects I don't have much to report. Remember that pasta machine I bought to use with polymer clay? Yep, you guessed it, I have become addicted to making and eating fresh pasta! I am strongly considering buying another pasta machine, which I really will use for polymer clay! I have been doing a little bit with ATC's and have sent off my first swap to ATCs for all. This is a great group so I'm really looking forward to getting into this..

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