Saturday, December 12, 2009

School's Out!

For Summer! Yay, only wish it really was the whole summer. Not that I can complain of course. With all the action, tight deadlines, stress and of course heat that accompanies this time of the year, it always takes a little while to get into holiday mode. I seem to have so much to do, I have made a list - should have checked it twice, but didn't. Anyhow, I seem to have forgotten quite a few little chores for the list but had a bit of fun making the list. I love lists - seems to keep me accountable and gives me something to check off.

Here it is.. Ta da.. I love the cute graphics that I downloaded today from Little Dreamer Designs. They have so many adorable designs, it is really hard to choose a favourite, but the Hawaiian theme matches my warm summer holiday state of mind.. Well, the image really did look good in PS, but somehow it has shrunken and lost its lustre! Never mind, I'll keep trying and get better next time.
One of the jobs I left off my cute list is to make a worm farm. Since starting off my compost bin and putting in a huge new garden out the front I have been planning to start a worm farm and have been given some worms by a colleague. At the moment they are holidaying in an ice cream container filled with scraps that were originally destined for the compost bin. They do seem very happy there for the time being, however I think I'll have to visit the good ol' 'dump shop' some time soon to find a suitable container to convert into Chez Annelid.

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