Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fabric Bento Carry Bag

Fabric Bento Carry Bag
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Yes, I'm still alive and crafting. I know it has been a long break since my last post and in that time I have had some changes... I have really cut back on both my crafting and computer time. I realised that I was a little cut off from reality and needed to take a break away from crafting, ATC's in particular. My lounge room was looking like a disaster site, even though I was really careful to tidy up each night before turning in. And, on that note, I was so busy creating that my sleep was suffering. I just love making things so much I was having trouble turning off and going to bed!

During my break I actually deleted my blog... But then decided not to, and luckily was able to retrieve it! Whew, that was lucky, because I didn't really want to delete it all, but I have decided that I really don't need to update it regularly, just when I have something to share..

So, that brings be to my latest creation, made using Pink Penguin's tutorial. The fabric is rather heavy weight furnishing fabric, in complimenting colours and pattern, with a white poplin drawstring cover. I bought the fabric a while back at Spotlight and was planning to make a tote bage with it, but now it is a nifty bento carry bag - not that I own a bento box (but I AM going to Japan next month), but that is here nor there.. This is a great pattern and tutorial, and I am definately going to be making it again soon - really soon!


  1. Your lunch bag looks very nice!! There are tons of cute bento boxes sold everywhere in Japan, so maybe you'll find a nice bento box or two for this lunch bag!

  2. Trix,

    I love the bag! I am writing to let you know you are the lucky winner of my fabric give a way! Head on over to my blog...

    Jennifer Jangles