Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taking a Break

There has been lots happening around here, since I last posted. Plenty of finished and of course unfinished projects.. I have been doing lots of ATCs, working on refurbishing a fairly large painting for the house, actually started and finished a skirt (using a real pattern), and of course the usual things..

The thing is though, I have been having trouble actually finding time to do other things, things like sewing, knitting and just enjoying being creative. So, about a week or so ago I decided that it is time to take a break from ATC swapping.. I'll see how it goes. I must say though, that I already feel a bit 'free-er'. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy making, swapping and of course receiving ATC's - it's a real thrill and gives you a reason to try something a bit outlide of your usual comfort zone. I'm not actually giving it up forever, just taking a break. Of course, though, life has a funny way with things. Just as I put the last touches to my very last cards for a while I got a message from the good people at Nescafe. They saw one of my 'Morning Tea Delights' cards I did for the YahooGroups ATCOz swap that I'm hosting and wanted permission to use my image on their facebook site.. That's a bit flattering so of course I said 'yes' and there it is, my card on the Nescafe Facebook site. How exciting!

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