Friday, November 6, 2009

Elvis Warhol ATC

Elvis Warhol ATC
Originally uploaded by Cheeky Mango
Since actually purchasing Photoshop Elements, rather than continuously downloading a trial version or using an old Version1 (yes, version 1.0), I have been learning a few techniques. My good friend gave me a quick overview of the basics like magic selection tool and such. That was invaluable because these basics, in conjunction with some online tutorials, I can create some pretty cool stuff.

This is my progress on a Swapbot ATC swap. The theme is Warhol style art and I thought that Elvis was a highly suitable subject for this treatment. The colours were fun to choose and I really like the subtle background gradient.

On other things, I have been pretty busy since getting home from holidays and have had a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of work, but I think I'm just about back to normal now. I have done a bit of sewing and made a pretty nifty wall hanging too.

This weekend I am hoping to do a bit of gardening now that the weather is a bit warmer and there is a promise of a bit of rainfall. But, of course it is really easy to make these plans while lounging on the sofa, a bit harder to actually get into! Have a good weekend..

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