Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello Strangers

I have been away from this blog for quite a while, whilst my computer was in the shop. Very disappointing with a new computer, but partially self inflicted I'm afraid.. Anyhow, now one week later, I am back on the blogging wagon.
I have been rather busy on the creative front. I have actually joined an ATC trading group and signed up for and completed two sets. Yay for me! The themes were both colour orientated - one was 'orange' and the other was for 'pink, brown and chocolate'. I have been a bit worried that my work is up to scratch. I would feel horrible if the cards I receive back are of a much higher standard than those I sent! Fingers crossed this end.

Also, I have found my dream knitting book in the local library - it is full of wacky tea cosies. Crazy when you consider I don't even drink tea, let alone own a tea-pot! The only hitch was that I needed some double ended needles to knit in the round. As I don't have any, I picked up some a Vinnies - four for only 50c. Very pleased with that..

Holidays are coming up and spring has definitely sprung, so I have also been rather busy in the garden. I have a huge crop of tomatoes on already. I had a brainwave this afternoon and decided that I could use some of my chillies and make some more Chili Jam. I also harvested the last of the cabbages and have been very busy freezing purple passionfruit. Whew..

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